Indigenous therapies should be combined with Western medical treatments to combat the corona virus – says Rathana Thera


Parliamentarian Athuraliye Rathana Thera said that indigenous medicine should be combined with Western medical treatment to combat the corona virus.

He said that indigenous medicine could boost the body’s immune system to fight the virus, adding that indigenous medicine and alternative medicine should be given a chance.

He made this statement while speaking in Parliament Further commenting, he said .

Indigenous medicine, Unani and other alternative medicine are available in Sri Lanka. Have these medical professionals been appointed to the Corona Suppression Committee? Vaccination is in good condition. But there is a question as to whether there is a consensus among doctors about the vaccine

Dr. Udara Sampath Gunawardena of Karapitiya Hospital is a Western doctor. However, a drug made from local herbs has been shown to be effective against the corona virus.

Is the government aware of the hospital condition and his statements? The statements of Dr. Udara Sampath Gunawardena cannot be ignored.

What is the government’s position on alternative medicine? Many people are of the opinion that people under the age of 30 should not be vaccinated.