Emergency situation declared not because of any shortage – Foreign Minister Prof. G.L. Peiris

Foreign Minister Prof. G.L. Peiris

By : Nalin Jayetileke

Foreign Minister Prof. G.L. Peiris on Thursday stated that there is no food crisis in the country, saying an emergency situation was declared not because of any shortage of essential food, but because the need for the Government to protect the public against people trading maliciously and their by creating a situation of an artificial shortage of consumer goods in the market.

He further went on to say that the Government is attending to the COVID-19 pandemic issue and have not neglected any welfare activity that have been initiated by the Government and the government is looking at the wellbeing and safety of its people making financial resources available and also making sure that all essential items are available for the consumer.

Minister Peiris referred to the engagement with the international community, and emphasized that the Sri Lankan Government will highlight and present to the international community and other such entities the progress made in terms of Reconciliation and Accountability in human rights, despite the Covid -19 pandemic and show our progress , a positive sign with which Sri Lanka can look at gaining the confidence of the international community with regards to Sri Lankas’ commitment in reconciliation and and accountability , a subject that has been spoken at length at various forums such the as the UN.

“There are enough stocks of sugar and rice, but there are elements that have tried to created an artificial shortage to the consumer. There are no real shortages,” Prof. Peiris told a news conference in Colombo. “

Highlighting the reason for an emergency situation, Professor Peiris mentioned that it is in these circumstances that the government is acting to make sure that essential food items are available to be utilized by the general public and if the Government sees any issues with regards to such, it is the bounded duty of the Government to ensure that they protect the interest of the general public. In these circumstances it is the duty of the Government to make essential food items available to the public and if there are problems because of the malicious efforts by several irresponsible traders, then the Government is duty bound to take measures to protect the interest of the general public, ensure essential Items are available in the market. Why an emergency situation was declared.