Self-care for Covid 19, A program to provide necessary advice and action

Self-care for Covid 19, A program to provide necessary advice and action
Minister Sudarshini in a discussion with medical experts
A special discussion was held today (23) at the Ministry of Health under the patronage of Dr. Sudarshini Fernandopulle, State Minister of Primary Health Care, Epidemics and Covid Disease Control on the measures that can be taken to further control the rapid spread of Covid disease in Sri Lanka.
For those who are at home at the moment when the quarantine curfew has been imposed, as well as for those who are infected with Covid and are subject to self-quarantine, attention was drawn to formulate a special program to make the public aware of the required medical advice and actions to be taken.
It was proposed to further raise awareness of the possible symptoms of Covid 19 infection as well as to prepare and distribute a leaflet with medical advice to those who are 1) suspected to be infected, 2) those who have already been diagnosed with the disease and 3) a close associate of a patient. It will also provide information on telephone numbers for medical advice, telephone numbers for emergency hospitalization, as well as steps to be taken at home. This series of tips will be prepared for those who are lonely at home, including the tips needed to maintain good mental health.
At the same time, it is proposed to set up a program to provide guidance on how to take action at home through a Self Care App linked to the Ministry of Health website. The plan was presented by Prof. Kumar Mendis of the University of Kelaniya.
The Minister pointed out the need to make the public aware of the places where antigen testing is carried out. It was emphasized that a list should be prepared and published in the Ministry if Health web page to make people aware of the places where such investigations are being carried out.
Additional Secretary (Ministry of Health Public health Services) Dr. Lakshmi Somatunga, Deputy Director General (Medical Services) Dr. Lal Panapitiya, Deputy Director General of Public Health Services 2 Dr. Susie Perera, Deputy Director General PHS 1 Dr Arnold, Prof.Kumar Mendis participated in this discussion.