Strict action against those who violate inter-provincial travel restrictions

Senior DIG, Ajith Rohana

The inter-provincial traffic restrictions are in effect from midnight Friday and the law will be strictly enforced against those who violate the traffic restrictions, said Police Media Spokesman, Senior DIG Ajith Rohana.

Accordingly, a special security arrangement has been put in place from yesterday, August 14, to check persons violating traffic restrictions.

“Steps have been taken to stop public transport services between the provinces. Roadblocks have been set up at entry and exit points of each province and teams of police officers have been deployed to check vehicles traveling between provinces,” the police spokesman said.

He also said that additional assistance of the tri-forces will be obtained to operate roadblocks and to patrol provincial borders.

The Police Media Spokesman further stated that special roadblocks have been set up to cover all major roads, by roads, bridges etc. entering and exiting the Western Province.

“Only those who are employed in essential services including health, ports, airports and agriculture and garment factories are allowed travel. However, essential workers are required to provide their office ID or a letter issued by their workplace to prove that they are called to duty,” Senior DIG also noted.