Samsung’s ‘Why Galaxy’ campaign charters a new territory of ‘Openness’ in smartphone innovation


Latest Galaxy Z category to unite people and devices, offer latest mobile technology to navigate the open road ahead with boldness

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. kicked off its latest brand campaign to break barriers and make the latest mobile innovations available for smartphone users across the globe by charting a new territory around ‘openness’.

Titled ‘Why Galaxy’, Samsung recently unveiled a new brand film for Galaxy, driven by the idea that smartphone users should be able to do what they want with their mobile device, making the mobile experience truly ‘their own’ – make it look the way they want, act the way a user likes and perform the way they need.

The unique brand campaign highlights how Galaxy devices have been created to be open as its users to make impossible innovations possible and connect devices, brands and people without limits. ‘Why Galaxy’ further iterates that all Samsung Galaxy devices are open to everyone so that every smartphone user can push forward to go further in their journey equally by breaking many shackles around numerous social barriers.

Kevin SungSu YOU, Managing Director, Samsung Sri Lanka, said, “We are all born into this world with openness. With that quality instilled within us, we are compatible with anything and receptive to everything. Openness is what pushes us forward and sets us free. And that’s why Galaxy exists: to make the latest innovations available to all and invite everyone to experience them. Galaxy unites you with the people and devices you love while connecting to the things you already have. Because the fewer boundaries the world has, the farther we all can go. That is why life truly opens up with Galaxy”.

‘Why Galaxy’ also highlights several innovative features that the latest Samsung devices bring, including Super-Fast Charging and wireless charging, Wireless PowerShare, advanced AP and RAM that deliver amazing processing power for streaming, gaming or downloading at incredible speeds. The new devices also come with ample storage, Samsung Knox that ensures end-to-end security, 5G compatibility and cameras with pro-level features. All Galaxy devices have been crafted using high-quality materials to sustain against water, heat, and drops and dust.

Samsung Electronics is poised and ready to unveil innovative, purposeful mobile technology for a better world. On August 11, the company will unleash its latest and greatest Galaxy Z series during its ‘Galaxy Unpacked’ event to reshape the smartphone category and completely reimagine your experiences.

In Sri Lanka, Samsung has been recognised as the ‘Most Loved Electronics Brand’ for three consecutive years by Brand Finance Lanka’s review of Sri Lanka’s most valuable brands. As Sri Lanka’s no.1 smartphone brand, Samsung’s customer base in the country spans across all age groups, particularly the Gen Z and Millennial segments.