The Best Corporate Citizen Sustainability Awards 2021


The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce proudly announces the ‘Best Corporate Citizen Sustainability Award 2021 (BCCS Awards)’, for the Eighteenth consecutive year. It is one of the most anticipated events in the corporate calendar, with each application evaluated by Sri Lanka’s experts in the sustainability sector.

The Chamber has considered the COVID-19 pandemic that affected corporates and the sustainability in 2020 and adopted an improved evaluation criteria in this year Awards. It highlights the need to mainstream business emergency preparedness, resilience, and stakeholder management in the core business to meet unforeseen challenges. Accordingly, the Chamber has introduced Awards for corporates that have successfully demonstrated Resilient Practices for COVID-19 Context.

The Chamber continues its commitment to support and encourage businesses to prosper even during these trying times. The BCCS Awards will play a vital role in inspiring businesses and to uphold their morale.