SL vaccinates 30 per cent of population with first dose, most with Sinopharm


Sri Lanka has vaccinated 30 per cent of the population against Coronavirus with China’s Sinopharm by July 22 with China’s Sinopharm being used on 22 per cent of the recipients, data from the island’s Health Ministry said.

Sri Lanka had given the first dose to 6.5 million persons by July 22, or 29.84 per cent of the population, while 7.9 per cent had been vaccinated with two doses.

Sinopharm was used on 22.26 per cent of the recipients or 4.8 million persons, Sputnik V on 0.73 percent, Pfizer 0.51 per cent.

After the US gave Moderna vaccines this week 460,000 or 2.3 per cent had been vaccinated over 5 days.

Over the past week a total of 1.4 million doses or about 200,000 a day had been administered.

Sri Lanka is vaccinating a target population of over 30 year olds.

Sri Lanka saw a third wave of Coronavirus after the traditional New Year travelling and shopping April which almost overwhelmed the health services and deaths surged from around four or five a day to around 50 and daily admissions rose towards 3,000.

The country was locked down from the last week of May.

Authorities used the time to shore up health services with more beds, high density care units and additional ICU facilities.

Cryongenic oxygen tanks and been fixed at more hospital, additional cylinders were ordered. More oxygen concentrators were also ordered.

Authorities have also speeded up vaccination with more supplies arriving. Health authorities have focused on Colombo, Gampaha and Kaluthara districts which are the most densely population and accounts for the most gross domestic product.

There are growing fears of the spread of a Delta or Indian variant of the Wuhan virus with the strain being discovered in the country.