Health Ministry contradicts SLMA claims, says SL on end of third wave


Responding to claims made by Sri Lanka Medical Association (SLMA) that the country is on the verge of facing a fourth wave, the Health Ministry on July 21 said there was no sign as of now to say that the country is heading to a fourth wave.

The SLMA on July 20 said that country is heading towards the first phase of the COVID-19 fourth wave outbreak and added despite the travel restrictions, there was no significant decline in the number of COVID positive cases.

Replying to these remarks, Health Promotion Bureau Director, Dr. Ranjith Batuwanthudawa said the country is currently at the final phase of the third wave.

“There may be different perspectives based on which one would look at the current situation and interpret it. However, everyone has to follow the data and statistics in the Epidemiology Unit,” he underlined.

The Director said according to the epidemic curve, there is a downward trend in COVID-19 infections at the moment and added hence, they couldn’t come to the conclusion that there is a imminent threat of a fourth wave.

“However, everything depends of how people behave especially in a situation where restrictions have almost been eased,” he added.