‘Watawala Ayur Tea – Jaathika Suwa Mehevara’ launched to support the National COVID-19 prevention drive


In a bid to mitigate the rapidly evolving implications of COVID-19, Sri Lanka’s number one tea brand, Watawala Tea, launches the ‘Watawala Ayur Tea – Jaathika Suwa Mehevara’ initiative, to support the deeply committed medical and security services teams, and the public eager to get vaccinated at over 100 centers across the country, by serving warming, immunity boosting cups of Watawala Ayur Tea throughout the day.

Packed with Ayurvedic immune-boosting herbs such as ginger, coriander, cinnamon and licorice, Watawala Ayur Tea is accredited by the Department of Ayurveda, Sri Lanka.

“Ayurveda Medicine has recommended ingredients such as ginger, coriander, cinnamon and licorice for centuries to boost immunity. Watawala Ayur Tea is a wonderful mix of these valuable ingredients, and can be consumed every day to strengthen the immune system, particularly during this difficult period in time when good health can’t be taken for granted,” stated Ayurvedic Consultant, Dr. Nisal Jayawardena.

All operations conducted in the preparation and distribution of the tea took place under stringent guidelines overseen by the Ministry of Health and local PHIs, as well as with the support of the Sri Lankan Army and Police stationed at each location.

“As a Ceylon tea brand chosen time and time again by Sri Lankans across the island, we extend our fullest support to the nation as it fights back to mitigate the impacts of the global pandemic. Watawala Ayur Tea is an immune boosting beverage crafted to offer comfort and health benefits, and we trust that these cups provided a much needed source of energy and hydration at these intense vaccination drives as well as to those restricted to quarantine centers. As a responsible corporate citizen, we will continue to invest in initiatives that help uplift the public and our committed frontline staff as we transition this difficult period of time by supporting each other,” Sunshine Consumer Lanka Ltd. Chief Executive Officer, Surith Perera stated.

Further, Watawala Tea also made a donation of Watawala Ayur Tea products for the consumption of individuals and staff placed in quarantine centres located around the country. The company’s contribution to these quarantine centers were spearheaded by Major General Hemantha Bandara Wanni Security Force Commander and Colonel of the Regiment Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment.

Watawala Tea’s latest initiative is a concerted attempt to support both the members of public and the hard-working frontline workers as they attempt to curb the growing effects of the pandemic, which have recently resulted in a rapid increase in the number of COVID-19 patients and deaths. As the vaccination drive accelerates, long queues are seen outside many centers in the island country.

Sunshine Consumer Lanka Ltd.:

Sunshine Consumer Lanka Ltd leads in the tea categories and toffees and sweets segment of the confectionary category with some of the country’s most-loved brands—Watawala, Zesta, Ran Kahata, Daintee and Milady. The company’s branded tea business is currently Sri Lanka’s largest, with a significant market share of 37%.

The three brands – Watawala, Zesta and Ran Kahata – cater to three distinct market segments, and all the brands have reaffirmed their recognition among Sri Lankan consumers. Having built a strong foundation locally, the company has embarked on an expansion programme to capture selected international markets by launching ‘Zesta Connoisseur’, an extension of Zesta to cater to premium international customers.