Korean Embassy launches ‘Go Green Embassy’ campaign

Award-winning popular actress, Michelle Dilhara and Korean Ambassador, Santhush Woonjin Jeong.

The Korean Embassy of Sri Lanka implemented the ‘Go Green Embassy’ campaign on July 1 as the first initiative for urban ecological restoration. The ‘Go Green Embassy’ campaign started with a tree planting programme in collaboration with the Earth Day Network Ambassador of Sri Lanka and award-winning popular actress, Michelle Dilhara.

This wonderful occasion was held at the Korean Embassy compound and marked the Embassy’s commitment to creating a sustainable future. The official inauguration of the ‘Go Green Embassy’ campaign took place with the planting of the Na sapling, the eco-friendly Sri Lankan national tree by Korean Ambassador, Santhush Woonjin Jeong together with Michelle Dilhara.

Ambassador Santhush stated that this campaign will promote bilateral cooperation in sustainable development efforts.

He said, “Korea is a leading country when it comes to promoting green growth and climate action. The Republic of Korea is committed to bridging developing countries and advanced nations towards a greener global economy”.

He also said, “Korea was able to implement policies for a successful country-wide reforestation programme and is committed to fostering green growth alliances with countries worldwide. The P4G summit recently held in Seoul successfully is a testament to the unwavering dedication Korea has in accelerating partnerships with countries to offer innovative sustainability solutions”.

Korean Ambassador further added, “We are living in a time where an estimated 7 million people worldwide die every year due to air pollution. In the past 140 years, 2015 to 2020 have been recorded as the warmest years. The average global sea level has risen 8.9 inches between 1880 and 2015 which is much faster than in the previous 2700 years”.

“I was eagerly looking forward to this event as it will pass a good message to the community and also bring our countries closer. This initiative is in line with the policy of the Korean government and its Sustainable Development goals. It will demonstrate the 44 years of friendship and strong ties between Korea and Sri Lanka. I hope to continue this initiative,” he added.

The Earth Day Network Ambassador of Sri Lanka and actress Michelle Dilhara thanked the Ambassador for contributing to this wonderful initiative to fight against global warming. She expressed her pleasure in the Korean Embassy going green.

“I would like to thank the Korean Ambassador, Santhush Woonjin Jeong for taking this step in raising awareness of climate change and global warming. Ambassador Santhush Woonjin is an influential personality who projects the Korean Eco-Diplomacies through his implementations and actions for a positive social change with regard to the P4G Summit, which in turn shows us how much Korea loves nature. His influence on youth and conservation efforts will widely contribute to minimising climate change,” she said.

Also the Earth Day Network President, Kathleen Rogers shared a wonderful congratulatory message appreciating Korean Ambassador and Sri Lankan Earth Day Network Ambassador for launching the ‘Go Green Embassy’ campaign.