Travel restrictions to be lifted under certain restrictions

Police Spokesman, Senior DIG, Ajith Rohana.

People should act according to certain restrictions and health guidelines even after the island-wide travel restrictions are lifted from 4 am today, Police Spokesman, Senior DIG Ajith Rohana said.

Accordingly, he said a minimum number of employees should be called for duties in government and private sector institutions.

He said travel between provinces will be restricted and travel through provinces will be allowed only for specific purposes.

He also said people who are able to work from home should be used for such services.

On public transport, passengers should be limited to seating capacity. It is mandatory for every person to wear a face mask.

The spokesman said public meetings, gatherings, holding ceremonies, trips and pilgrimages will not be permitted.

The travel restrictions will be re-imposed from 10 pm on June 23 till 4 am on June 25.