New health guidelines issued; special restrictions for Western Province


The Health Ministry has issued new health guidelines applicable from June 21 to July 05 while giving special attention to the Western Province.

Under the new guidelines, only two persons are allowed to venture outside from one family.

Following are some key guidelines:

Public transport is allowed with a capacity of 50 per cent in provinces except for Western Province.

Public transport is only allowed for employees attached to essential services.

The heads of the government and private institutions can summon only essential staffers for work.

Economic Centres will remain open for only wholesale trade while bakeries can be operated.

Shopping complexes will be allowed to be opened except in the Western Province.

No wedding functions will be allowed. However, marriage registrations will be allowed with ten guests including the wedding couple.

Funerals should be limited to 15 participants. The final rites should be completed within 24 hours since the body was released.

Hotels, guest houses, restaurants, night clubs, pubs and bars will remain closed while public gatherings are also not allowed.