New disease spreading among children, Medical specialists warn


Medical specialists have warned that a new disease called ‘Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children’ was spreading throughout the country and requested parents to take extra care of their children.

Consultant in charge of the Intensive Care Unit of the Lady Ridgeway Hospital Pediatrician, Dr. Nalin Kithulwatta said this new syndrome was first reported in England in 2020.

He said this new syndrome was related to the COVID-19 and pointed out that children can be infected with the disease two to six weeks after being infected with the COVID-19.

Dr. Kithulwatta also said children who were infected with the disease could develop symptoms of fever, abdominal pain, feeling extra tired, vomiting, diarrhea, bloodshot eyes and skin rash.

He said, “This could lead to more serious complications by reducing blood pressure and thus affecting the heart. This could be even fatal”.

Dr.  Kithulwatta also said about six children who were infected with the disease were receiving treatment in the ICU of the Lady Ridgeway Hospital.

He requested parents to seek immediate medical advice if their children developed symptoms of this new syndrome.