Beware of certain officials, GMOA tells Government

Dr. Prasad Kolambage

The Government should beware of certain officials in certain State Ministries who recommend things that harm the people and make the Government unpopular, the Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) General Committee Member Dr. Prasad Kolambage said.

Addressing the media in Colombo on June 18, he said that such officials had told the Government to sell liquor online and also for the Government to use agro chemicals.

The Government should be aware of such officials all the time. These officials did the same thing during the previous Government and are doing it now as usual. Such officials failed to provide medicine, food and pensions online so far. Those officials are telling the Government what is profitable for them and not for the people, he noted.

According to Dr. Kolambage, the Government should take legal action against those who promote producing alcohol at home using social media. In foreign countries, the Governments take legal action against such persons. The same should be implemented here in Sri Lanka to ensure the safety of the public.

Dr. Kolambage said, “In the past, groups of people died after consuming poisonous alcohol. The toxic chemicals produced when producing alcohol at home can make people permanently blind, disabled and kill them instantly”.