Prices of essential commodities gone out of control, states JVP

JVP MP, Vijitha Herath

The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) yesterday, June 17, charged that the Government had lost control over the sky-rocketing of prices of essential commodities such as vegetables and rice amidst the Covid pandemic.

JVP MP, Vijitha Herath told a news conference that the government had failed to take any action to regulate the unreasonable price increase, which had left ordinary people destitute.

He said even though the government had Gazetted maximum prices for rice, rice was not available anywhere at control price and added that Consumer Authority Authority (CAA) was silent over the breach of government orders by the traders.

“A kilo of Nadu rice has gone up to Rs. 125-130. A kilo of red and kekulu rice is sold at Rs. 120, while a kilo of samba rice is sold at Rs. 160-175. People cannot afford to buy rice now. A bottle of coconut oil has gone up to Rs. 800-900. A kilo of capsicum is sold at Rs. 400, while a kilo of beans is sold at Rs. 240. The government has no control over the increasing prices,” he said.

Mr. Herath also said the Government was planning to increase gas prices by Rs. 700 to 800 and added that increase in fuel prices had led to the increase in prices of all other goods.