Withdraw increased fuel price without burdening people: JVP

JVP politburo member, Sunil Handunnetti.

While urging the government to withdraw the increased fuel price without burdening the people further who are already hit by the pandemic and loss of income, the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) yesterday, June 12, questioned as to why the ‘Fuel Price Stabilisation Fund’ was not utilized for the  benefit of the people.

JVP politburo member Sunil Handunnetti told a news conference that the government established the said fund last year aiming to benefit the people during fuel price hikes in the world market.

He said the government was planning to raise Rs. 200 billion when the price of a barrel of crude oil dropped to as low as US$ 40 last year without passing that benefit to the people.

“We ask the government what happened to that Fund? Why is it not utilized at this critical juncture when people are suffering without any means to survive and prices of essential commodities have gone up unbrearably,” he asked.

Mr. Handunnetti said the prices of essential commodities went up unusually due to travel restrictions and pandemic situation and pointed out that the situation would aggravate with the fuel price hike.

“Fuel price hike will affect all sectors resulting in the escalation of transport cost and bus fares as well. People cannot bear it right now. They are now feeling that they are thrown into the fire from the frying pan,” he also said.