Outskirts of Colombo roads look almost back to Normal despite restrictions


By:  Nalin Jayetileke

Despite the restrictions in place for vehicular movements, all main roads, by roads in the cities within the Western Province and outside seem very much like on a  normal working day.  The only exception to this is that there are no people on the roads but vehicles move about freely.  This gives an indication that the essential services, factories, exporters and  Banks operate with a skeleton staff making an effort to keep the Economy  afloat.


Even though the vehicles move about, one good thing is that there are not many people to be seen on the roads like what we witnessed during the previous lockdowns. This we feel is a positive indication that people are concerned of the escalating number of Covid cases reported on a daily basis.

It appears that slowly but surely, people have got used to the vendors coming to their door steps which people may prefer rather than visiting vendors when we get back to even the new normal.