Opposition Leader raises concern over opening Yala for foreign tourists


Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa yesterday, June 6, criticised the government for permitting tourists to enter the country while it is facing a critical episode in the COVID-19 pandemic. He noted that such relaxation of quarantine laws might cause a third wave.

Issuing a statement, the Opposition Leader observed:

“Opening tourist destinations including Yala to foreign tourists under that tourism bubble system may turn into a major error. This government advertised and brought in corona-infected tourists when all the countries of the world closed their countries to tourists at the beginning of the corona disaster in the world.

Then, when the second wave began, the government brought in Ukrainian tourists.

These tourists were allowed to blatantly violate quarantine rules and travel across the country without any restraint. Add to that, this government gave irresponsible, reckless answers when questioned upon this move.

Meanwhile, countries around the world have taken the most responsible measures for the safety of their citizens.

What is the meaning of bringing in tourists while the travel restrictions and lockdown are taking place all over the country? What is the purpose of the government giving priority to foreigners by classifying Sri Lankan citizens as second-class citizens?

What guarantee can be given to the government that it is trying to import the constantly changing new corona varieties that are spread all over the world and that it is not so?”