Easter attacks- Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith urged the government to carry out a proper investigation

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, Archbishop of Colombo.

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith urged the government to carry out a proper investigation to determine as to who was behind the conspiracy which the former attorney general had referred to.

Cardinal Ranjith told a press conference on June 2, that investigations should be carried out to determine who is behind the conspiracy.

“The investigations do not seem to be moving in this direction and we are not satisfied with it,” he said.

“An investigation should be carried out on the incident of the bomber who blew himself up in Dehiwala while action should be taken to determine the whereabouts of Sarah who happened to be the wife of another bomber and happens to have vital information on the mayhem,” he added.

“Action has not been taken against those who have been held responsible for the attack by the Presidential commission including some police officers. We are compelled to seek assistance from the UN and others in the Catholic Church on the international level,” he also said.

The Cardinal also said action should be taken to take the ship X Press Pearl before it sinks within Sri Lankan waters. “The ship had already caused the fishermen to lose their livelihood and seas off Sri Lanka would be further polluted if oil and other chemicals flowed into the sea if the ship sank,” he also noted.

“I also call all religious leaders to work towards preventing selling of Sri Lanka’s resources to foreign investors,” he said, referring to the alleged move by the government to sell off certain buildings in Colombo City.

“Sri Lankan economy should be planned according to Sri Lanka’s desires and not according to the preferences of foreign countries. We did not elect UDA but a government that pledged to safeguard our natural resources. Sometimes we wonder whether we want a universal franchise when considering the performance of  225 MPs in Parliament. Successive governments which came to power with the themes such as Yahapalana and Saubagye Dekma have failed,” he also said in this regard.

Fr. Cyril Gamini Fernando who also participated in the press conference said there is a move to sell off the entire Sri Lankan coastal areas to foreign investors.