PUCSL launches blood donation campaign under strict health safety guidelines

Janaka Ratnayake, Chairman of the regulatory body.

The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) launched a program to provide National Vocational Qualification (NVQ 3 Level) free of charge to trained electricians island-wide from last March. This project is being carried out in collaboration with the National Vocational Training Authority and the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission.

Accordingly, 2,500 electricians covering all districts of Sri Lanka will be certified under the first phase. About 900 electricians in nine districts have already completed this training and are eligible to obtain the NVQ3 certificate.

“We launched this project from the Kurunegala district and hope to complete it soon even in the midst of this Covid pandemic by carefully adhering to all health regulations of the Government. Action will be taken to issue NVQ3 certificates to 45,000 electricians within two years”, says Janaka Ratnayake, Chairman of the regulatory body.

Moreover due to the pandemic, the National Blood Bank is facing a situation of depleting blood reserves due to a lack of proper procedures to obtain the required blood. On a request by the Blood Bank, the PUCSL, with the assistance of electricians island-wide, launched blood donation camps from Kurunegala attended by 100 electricians, he said in a statement.

The PUCSL expects to donate about 22,500 pints of blood to the Blood Bank within the next two to three weeks through this island-wide blood donation campaign, he noted.

The second blood donation campaign is scheduled to be held in Marawila with the participation of 100 electricians, he added.

Further information on these blood donation camps can be obtained by calling 0764271030. Updates can also be accessed through the Commission’s Facebook page, Facebook.com/pucsl, and its website, www.pucsl.gov.lk