Over 10 million kilos of vegetables brought to Dambulla Economic Center


With the opening of the Dambulla Economic Center yesterday, May 30 morning, farmers have brought more than 10 million kilos of vegetables, the traders said.

Traders as well as farmers say that despite the large number of farmers bringing in their produce due to the closure of the economic Center for several days, the prices of vegetables were very high.

Accordingly, the wholesale price of a kilo of up country vegetables such as carrots, beans and banana peppers etc. was over Rs. 200 and a number of low country vegetables such as eggplant, bitter gourd, cucumber and okra were over Rs. 150.

Farmers as well as vendors from all over the country have arrived at the Dambulla Economic Center from midnight on the 29th to sell vegetables from all parts of the country.

With the opening of the economic center at 5 am yesterday, the police had to make a great effort to get the lorries of vegetables that had arrived into the economic center.

Heavy traffic has been reported for several kilometers on both sides of the Kandy-Jaffna A9 main road with the vehicles of wholesale buyers as well as the farmers arriving at the Economic Center.