SLI taking initiative to help raise awareness on road safety


Sri Lanka Insurance Motor Plus, the leading motor insurance provider in Sri Lanka, launches ‘Motor Plus Road Safety Heroes’ in parallel to the United Nations Global Road Safety Week that took place from 17th to 23rd May 2021.

The premier motor insurer is taking the initiative to help raise awareness on road safety considering the alarming rate of road accidents and deaths in Sri Lanka recently.

According to Sri Lanka Medical Association Road Safety Programme 260+, deaths were recorded during the short period of January to 18th February 2021 while 254 fatal accidents and 487 non-fatal accidents were recorded in the same period. In the year 2020, it was recorded 2141 deaths due to road accidents. 2040 fatal accidents and 6619 non-fatal accidents were recorded within the year 2020.

The 7th United Nations Global Road Safety Week is celebrated this year based on the theme ‘Streets for Life’ and #Love30. The ‘Love30’ campaign will be aimed at convincing authorities for policy commitments at national and local levels to impose 30 km/h speed limits in urban areas; generate local support for such controllable speed measures in order to create safe and disciplined cities.

On par with the Global Road Safety Week, Sri Lanka Insurance Motor Plus launches ‘Life Saving 30’, an initiative to amplify safety on the streets. With the ‘Life Saving 30’ initiative, drivers will be encouraged to reduce their speed to 30 km/h within city and residential zones. Campaign will also focus on 30 most important road safety rules both for drivers and pedestrians can follow.

Further, Motor Plus Road Safety Heroes voluntary community group has launched on social media platforms where volunteers can join the community to pledge to make the streets safer and liveable.

General public can join this worthy cause by joining the ‘Motor Plus Road Safety Heroes’ community on Facebook and Instagram.

Sri Lanka Insurance Motor Plus, the No. 1 Motor Insurance brand in Sri Lanka, is protecting the lives of millions of Sri Lankans over 5 decades and is dedicated to bringing in road safety practices on to the Sri Lankan roads and has pioneered many projects in this nature.