How Samsung Tabs make learning more fun for pre-primary children


With the pandemic hitting the world, educational institutions find themselves more in need of technological assimilation than ever. But could online classes do justice to pre-primary level students? This is where Samsung steps in with the S Pen!

With the Galaxy Tab S series and its S Pen, Samsung is able to support better collaboration between students, teachers and the management. This provides greater utility to teachers and results in elevating the quality of education for students.

Improved classroom feeling with the S Pen

The pandemic dispelled schools from the normal. Teachers have to teach with the best available resource in the environment they are placed in, to ensure learning continues for the students. As a solution and to ease the discomfort of online teachers, they can adopt the Samsung Galaxy Tab along with its S Pen. This could lead to a rise in productivity and comfort for employees as well resulting in quality online instruction becoming the norm. This is a game changer for even organizations.

The S Pen brings the comfort of pen and paper to online teaching. Using the S Pen, teachers can directly write on the screen. The handwriting recognition feature turns this into digital text and helps teachers prepare effective lesson plans and activities.

Teacher collaboration made digital with Knox

Samsung Knox is a proprietary security framework pre-installed on most Samsung mobile devices. With the Knox-empowered Galaxy Tab Series, the data on the device is protected with vault-like security and it also has a toolset to keep the devices updated remotely. This helps in making the collaboration between teachers easier.

Notebook feels for enhanced student engagement

In a classroom, there is only a green board and chalk. But a tablet gives a wider colour palate for teachers. This is especially useful with primary-level students as visual learning is a big part of their development. The students clearly enjoy story time with animation and rhyme time with PowerPoint presentations.

The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, Tab S7|S7+ come with a feature where the pattern of the notebook page can be taken as the background. That has been immensely useful. Whether it’s teaching how to write on a four-lined pattern or teaching mathematics on a page that has a box pattern. It gives greater clarity on how to write neatly and stay within the box.


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