Printing driver’s license by Army saves Rs. 219 Mn within 4 months


Since the Sri Lanka Army took over the printing of drivers’ licenses from January 1 this year, the Army has been able to save nearly Rs. 219 million revenue for the Government within four months period.

The Army said they had printed 29,982 driving licenses as of April 30.

The Army is also in the process of adding several new features to drivers’ license following the commencement of its printing process.

Accordingly, with every driver’s license, a code will be introduced in the future to replace the current driver’s license with a chip.

The Army said the aim is to prevent a number of driving license related irregularities and to facilitate law enforcement agencies in their duties.

Also, the software used to print the drivers’ licenses was developed by a South African company and therefore it costs a large amount of money annually.

Therefore, the Sri Lanka Army will develop a suitable software for this purpose in the future.

The Army said they have set up an Army Information Technology Solutions Centre (AITSC), which maintains records of 90 million driving licenses.

As per the Cabinet Decision taken on July 1, 2020, the process of printing Sri Lanka Driving Licenses for the Department of Motor Traffic was handed over to the Sri Lanka Army with effect from January 1, 2021.