‘Urgent need to amend the existing laws to prevent the destruction of the environment’

Dr. Nalaka Godahewa at the 6th National Ocean Resources Summit.

There was an urgent need to amend the existing laws to prevent the destruction of the environment and to conserve the ocean and coastal resources, State Minister for Urban Development, Coast Conservation, Waste Disposal and Community Cleanliness Dr. Nalaka Godahewa said yesterday, May 6, at the 6th National Ocean Resources Summit 2020/21.

National Ocean Resources Summit 2020/21 under the theme ‘Ocean-Based Solutions and Policy Frame Works for Enhanced Clinical Action and Blue Economy’ was held in Colombo.

Speaking at the summit, State Minister Dr. Godahewa said, “Oceans belong to the citizens. Hence all citizens have the responsibility to protect our oceans. When we use our land as well as ocean resources, we ought to have our future generations in mind”.

State minister invited all citizens to safeguard the ocean resources. He added that Sri Lankan beaches were strewn with plastic waste.

“Where does this waste come from? These polluting is not being done by the people who come to the beaches. They also pollute a little. But more than 70% of the plastic and other waste come through rivers and canals. Hence it is necessary to create awareness amongst people living inlands. If we educate them about this aspect, I believe they will refrain from polluting rivers and canals,” he said.

State Minister Godahewa said people in general care for the environment. However, most are not aware of the unintentional damage they are causing. Thus, the government must try to increase awareness among the masses.