Prime Group’s ‘Good Deed is a Good Investment’ Campaign recognized at ACEF


Affirming its leadership in superior customer engagement, Sri Lanka’s largest real estate company, Prime Group, recently secured three top awards at the 10th ACEF Global Customer Engagement Awards for their highly impactful ‘A Good Deed is a Good Investment’ Campaign. The prestigious annual awards ceremony recognizes organizations that have successfully rolled out impressive customer engagement campaigns, creatives and activities across a number of industry verticals.

Commenting on their latest victory, Prime Group Chairman, Premalal Brahmanage stated, “The past year was filled with unforeseen challenges for all Sri Lankans, shifting our lifestyles and mindsets in ways we never knew were possible. There was also an outpouring of empathy and support among our fellow countrymen and women to support and rebuild what was gravely impacted as a result of this global pandemic. This was the ethos behind our good deed is a good investment campaign, that every good deed we indulge in is an investment that comes back to us. At Prime Group, we are firm believers in this philosophy and that has rapidly shifted how we approach these new workforce dynamics and customer engagement strategies”.

Prime Group secured a Silver Award in effectiveness of Digital Marketing as well as a Bronze and Silver Award in creativity and effectiveness under the Most Admired Social Message category. The Good Deed is a Good Investment campaign was posed to spread the unbreakable spirit of empathetic humanity and carries a powerful positive message that thoughtful deeds translate into investments of the future. As an organization with a deep commitment to maintain unparalleled customer relations, Prime Group has always invested in not just businesses but the aspirations and lives of the people behind them.

The thought-provoking campaign, that took the shape of a powerful social experiment, which rewarded each participant immediately after their interaction with the team, proving that every good deed is indeed a positive investment in the future. The digital video reached over 1 Million views under just eight hours after the video was published, securing the record of the first video of a social experiment in Sri Lanka to hit such a high number and exceptional engagement rates. It garnered over 99,000+ likes and more than 20,000 shares.

At such a critical juncture in the world, the Good Deed is a Good Investment Campaign sought to prove that there is a lot more inner goodness in people that what is generally perceived, and that good, humane qualities in humanity are still alive. As a brand that has always been known to strive hard to creating a better place on earth, Prime Group leveraged the power of digital media to make a great emotional impact through this unique project.

Founded in 2012, the ACEF program is organised by a team of professionals from India, Sri Lanka and the UAE and guided by advisory members housed in branding, marketing and creative agencies based in India, the US, Australia, Singapore, the UAE and Sri Lanka. ACEF programmes target the customer engagement activities, branding, marketing, CSR, properties (hospitality and real estate), rural marketing and HR segments.

The event enables the region’s top companies and brand marketers to redefine how to build and sustain great brands amidst rapid cultural and technological change. They are planned for India, Sri Lanka and the Gulf Cooperation Council and Asia Pacific regions.

 Prime Group:

With over 25 years of expertise, Prime Group is the only ICRA [A-] Stable rated real estate company in Sri Lanka, solidifying their financial stability. The group was also named one of the most respected entities in Sri Lanka for the past 3 years by LMD. Prime Group was also crowned Sri Lanka’s best developer for the past two years by the largest and most respected real estate awards programme in Asia, PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards; having developed multiple award-winning housing and condominium projects.

Prime Group was also accredited Among Asia’s Best Brands and The Best entrepreneur in the year 2018 by Asia One magazine. The long term goal of Prime Group is to shift from a private family owned enterprise to a public owned organization – broad basing its shareholders while earning the status of an iconic international player in the region by going in to an IPO in the near future.