Annual road safety week to minimize motor accidents


The government has received cabinet approval to declare an annual road safety week from this year for drawing special attention of the society on minimizing motor accidents.

According to the Cabinet Spokesman, approximately 8 – 10 lives are lost per day due to motor accidents at present while most of them are male. Due to this situation, their dependents fall helpless and there is an increasing trend of this number every year.

There were 2,023 fatal accidents experienced last year and 2,114 individuals died from them. Out of them, 963 were motor bicycle accidents and 987 individuals died due to them. Also, around 500 deaths are reported annually from three-wheeler and lorry accidents.

Considering all these facts, the National Council on Road Safety has paid their attention on implementing a road safety week from November 21, which is the international day for commemorating the victims of road accidents and to take necessary actions to make aware the private institutions, school children, drivers and the public in order to minimize motor accidents.

Accordingly, the Cabinet of Ministers granted their approval to the proposal tabled by the Minister of Transport for declaration of a national week on road safety with effect from the Sunday, November 21, 2021 and conducing such a week in November annually in the future.