COVID-19 crisis an opportunity to address overcrowding in tourism


Overcrowding at tourist sites was a problem before COVID-19 and will be a concern once again as tourism recovers. The COVID-19 crisis provides an opportunity to address overcrowding by developing and promoting lesser-known destinations, according to Asian Development Outlook 2021 –Financing a Green and Inclusive Recovery.

The reports highlight that the government and the private sector need to collaborate better to boost domestic demand until international travel picks up, and to promote Sri Lanka as a safe destination. A challenge for the government will be to prioritize competing demands for reviving the economy.

The report further says, ‘Investment will be required in the tourism industry to increase the use of information and communication technology and thereby provide tourists with easy access to information, collect information from them, otherwise facilitate communication, and reduce common touchpoints that can spread the virus’.

‘Employees have to be re-skilled to work with these technologies, and policy must address unemployment caused by layoffs and closures’.