Sri Lanka merchandise exports reach US$ 1,066.1 million in March 2021


Sri Lanka exports had topped a billion US dollar to reach 1,066.1 million dollars in March 2021 sharply up 62.4 per cent from a year ago when Coronavirus lockdowns hit shipment, the island’s export promotion office said.

Export earnings were up 11.5 per cent in the first quarter of 2021 to 2,945.53 million US dollars.

Apparel exports were up 49 per cent to 465 million US dollars, tea was up 99 per cent to 124 million dollars rubber based products were up 80 per cent to 100 million .

Coconut based products were up 109 per cent to 80.14 million dollars, spices and essential oils were up 83 per cent to 38 million US dollars.

Exports to the United States, Sri Lanka’s top export market grew 34 per cent to 243 million US dollars, exports to UK grew 43 per cent and to India 110 per cent to 193 million US dollars.