Coronavirus outbreak: SLCPI assures continuity of medicines


In line with its patient-first approach, Sri Lanka Chamber of the Pharmaceutical Industry (SLCPI), which represents over 60 major importers of pharmaceuticals, accounting for 85% of Sri Lanka’s medicines market, has reiterated the support and commitment of its members towards working with the authorities in addressing the COVID-19 current situation by ensuring continuity of supply of medicines.

‘SLCPI and its member companies reassure the availability of adequate supplies of medicines for those in need of them,’ quoted a statement to media.

While thanking consumers for being responsible in their purchasing of prescription drugs, SLCPI assured the general public that inventory of adequate stocks will sustain the supply and availability of medicines and not create any shortages, particularly with the current outbreak.

SLCPI also noted that they are working with relevant stakeholders to ensure an uninterrupted supply chain, while dismissing fears of possible shortages, as unnecessary and creating undue panic.

‘The orders placed with our manufacturing partners and principals in India and other Countries are being fulfilled and we will ensure that our consumers will continue to have access to quality medicines, seamlessly. Our membership is closely monitoring orders and inventories,’ the statement re-iterated, adding that the needs of the public are priority, especially those in the non-communicable diseases (NCDs) segment’, it also stated.

SLCPI members are committed to working on measures to ensure that there are no shortages and that there is continuity in the pharmaceutical supply chain through focused engagement with all critical stakeholders and supply chains, including the principals, worldwide.

‘We will ensure that access to medicines will continue for those that need them and urge the public to be sensible and judicious in their reaction to the current situation,’ it added.

Sri Lanka Chamber of the Pharmaceutical Industry (SLCPI):

The SLCPI currently serves as the representative of over 60 members who account for more than 85% of the private pharmaceutical industry, spanning manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers. These stakeholders supply Sri Lankan patients with 800 molecules from 364 manufacturers from across the world.