Opposition Leader meets ambassadors of European countries

Special meeting of the Opposition with Ambassadors.

Leader of the Opposition, Sajith Premadasa held a special meeting with Denis Chaibi, Ambassador of the European Union; Eric Lavertu, Ambassador of France; Rita Giuliana Mannella, Ambassador of Italy; Holger Seubert, Ambassador of Germany; and Victor Chiujdea, Ambassador of Romania; at the Opposition Leader’s Office yesterday, April 27.

The discussion paid a special focus on the global Covid-19 pandemic, the challenges lie before the world amid the outbreak and the situation in Sri Lanka, addressing the shortcomings of the management of the prevalence.

The government’s program on suppressing the virus has also been discussed in the meeting and the contribution of Samagi Jana Balawegaya as the Opposition has also been paid attention to.

The strengthening of human, civil, economic, social, political, religious and cultural rights has been discussed and Mr. Premadasa denoted that his party, Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB), as an alternative government in the country is committed to safeguarding those rights.

MPs, Dr. Harsha De Silva and Eran Wickramaratne and seniors of SJB’s Foreign Policy Development Board, Dr. Rohan Pallewatta, Dr. Gihan Gunatilleke and Harim Peiris were also present in the meeting.