Hameedia commemorates International Women’s Day with dual events


Hameedia, Sri Lanka’s leading total men’s wear solution provider, commemorated International Women’s Day recently with a wave of educative and interesting events.

Celebrated cricketing personality Roshan Mahanama, Attorneys-at-Law, Naushalya Rajapaksha and Chamathka Rathnayaka from The Yeheliya Foundation and Dr. Lanka Jayasuriya Dissanayake, Chairperson/Trustee of the Indira Cancer Trust (ICT) Foundation together with the management and staff at Hameedia (Pvt) Ltd. joined hands to celebrate all the impressive women who are an integral and invaluable part of the fashion entity.

Guest speaker from the Yeheliya Foundation made an informative speech related to cyber bullying in modern society, as many fall prey to the diabolical dilemma that wrecks the lives of many, with a majority of the victims being women, children and youth.

The speakers advised the staff of Hameedia on how important it is for women to be mentally strong in order to fight against injustices they face in today’s society where a person or anyone’s character can be destroyed by the mere click of a button.

Moving on, in keeping with an environment friendly concept that is additionally beneficial to women, Hameedia gifted a fruit plant each, to all 375 female members of their staff, to be grown in their home gardens.

Going a step further in ensuring the health and vitality of the staff meant taking the initiative to create awareness about breast cancer. Organised in collaboration with the Indira Cancer Trust, this event was instrumental in increasing awareness on the subject that had been a taboo for years. Now, regarded as a preventable form of cancer if detected early, cancer also shows no partiality as women belonging to all levels of society are prone to it.

Sri Lanka’s celebrated menswear specialist, Fouzul Hameed, Managing Director at Hameedia (Pvt) Ltd. said, “While we at Hameedia value our female workforce and ensure they are treated with utmost respect every single day, Women’s Day 2021 gave us a good opportunity to organize events in collaboration with two of the most formidable charitable organisations that have created an impact on the lives of women in our country. It is our aim that these events will ensure a life well lived for all our female staff as each woman deserves to live life to the fullest and become the best version of themselves”.

Yeheliya Foundation:

The Yeheliya Foundation is a Charitable Foundation which strives to create a space for young girls and women from different walks of life to strive towards creating an equal platform for their female counterparts. The foundation has brought together passionate individuals to work towards finding solutions for the betterment of society as a whole. They carry out activities for students, youth, and persons from all walks of life, not just women; and they are currently functioning as a multi-faceted foundation addressing a wide array of societal issues.