‘Sports Vision’ enhances visual skills to deliver superior athletic performance

Yohan Mendis enhancing his visual performance.

Vision Care, Sri Lanka’s largest eye care provider, has expanded into the area of sports and enhanced its reputation as the leading technological revolution in eyecare in Sri Lanka by introducing ‘Sports Vision Training’ for the first time in Sri Lanka.

Although people use a variety of visual skills in their day-to-day activities, ‘Sports Vision by Vision Care’ targets and strengthens the active visual skills needed to excel in sports which also enhances eye-hand coordination for superior athletic performance vital for any type of sport in the sporting arena.

Any athlete, whether he or she is a professional, semi-professional, amateur or even a high school student, can gain significant benefits from Sports Vision Training. Through this cutting-edge technology, Vision Care aims to train the person’s brain in such a way where the benefits are felt beyond sports performance and positively impacts the individual’s performance in their day-to-day lives.

Sports Vision offers a multitude of specialized training using different advanced technological tools. Senaptec Sensory Performance Tools introduced to the South Asia region by Sports Vision provides the world’s most complete automated solution for the sensory skills that matter.

Every new client undergoes an eye examination followed by the Sports Vision assessment and a personal analysis of the results which are delivered as an innovative graphic. When the athlete wants to enhance their results, a customized training plan is developed and executed once or twice per week. This technology is being used by top athletes in the United States in various sports such as basketball, baseball, ice hockey, UFC, soccer and more.

Yohan Mendis, a First Class cricketer who plays for a leading club in Colombo stated, “I was introduced to Sports Vision Training recently and I must say I was immediately impressed by the cutting edge technological tools they had available and the amount of data and analysis that they were able to give me on my training performance. I regularly took part in training sessions and I have certainly felt the difference it has had in my performances on the cricket field both in batting and fielding. I am definitely going to continue with Sports Vision Training as it has brought a new dimension to my training and will help me perform at a higher level every time I play”.

To date, Sports Vision in Sri Lanka has worked with elite and professional athletes: first class and top cricket players, Tennis champions, e-Sports, Racing, Boxing, Soccer, Badminton, Tablet Tennis and more. Sports Vision also offers a Home Training App that allows the athlete to use a tablet or iPad to train visual skills at home and measure the results against other athletes around the world.