3,000 buses for New Year journeys from the 15th of this month


State Minister of Transport, Dilum Amunugama says that an additional 3,000 buses will be operated from the 15th of this month to enable people to return to work in the City without any hindrance following the New Year holidays.

He said that a regular and planned bus service was provided to people traveling from the City to the villages for the New Year and in the same manner commuters traveling from the villages to the City after the New Year too will be provided with a comfortable and safe journey.

The Minister made this statement while participating in an inspection tour of the Kandy Railway Station.

He said normally 500 SLTB buses and 500 private buses were operated during the New Year season but this year 3000 buses were operated and the decision was taken to allow the public to travel without any inconvenience as per the COVID-19 health recommendations.