Facebook users to have more control over their News Feed


Facebook has introduced a new tool to give more control to users over what they share to News Feed by managing who can comment on their public posts. Now Sri Lankan public figures, creators and brands can choose to limit their commenting audience in order to engage in more meaningful conversations with their communities.

The goal of News Feed is to connect people to what matters most to them: their loved ones, interesting content, and the world around them.

Facebook is investing in new ways to give more control and context to users by offering a menu of options ranging from anyone who can see their public posts to only the people and Pages they tag.

Users can go to their News Feed preferences and privacy settings to choose the options that work for them.

  • Favorites: Allows users to control and prioritize posts from the friends and Pages they care about most in News Feed.
  • Most Recent: Switch between an algorithmically-ranked News Feed and a feed sorted chronologically with the newest posts first.
  • Feed Filter Bar: A new toggle at the top of News Feed that makes it easier to switch between the Most Recent feed, the standard News Feed, and the new Favorites feed.
  • Expanding the ‘Why Am I Seeing This?’ feature: Now, people will be able to tap on posts suggested in News Feed and get more context on why they’re appearing in their News Feed.

To learn more about newsfeed controls, see Facebook’s newsroom post. In addition to this announcement, Nick Clegg, VP of Global Affairs at Facebook has released an essay, where he explains how content is ranked in the Facebook News Feed, and addresses common criticisms and misconceptions about the algorithms’ impact on users and society.