Korean Embassy donates re-usable fabric masks to Sri Lanka Police


The Korean Embassy donated re-usable fabric masks to Sri Lanka Police in charge of diplomatic corps on March 30, 2021 in Colombo. Jung Haesung, the Consul of the Korean Embassy handed over a consignment of re-usable fabric masks to the Director of the Diplomatic Security Division, Senior Superintendent, G. A. S. Piyarathna in the presence of the Ambassador, Santhush Woonjin Jeong.

These masks were manufactured by a Sri Lankan social enterprise for distribution among the Police personnel in appreciation of their dedication and commitment to control COVID-19. It is of utmost importance that the police forces remain healthy and the masks will be helpful in controlling the spread of the pandemic within police stations.

Ambassador Santhush Woonjin Jeong commended the Sri Lanka Police force for their hard work in implementing effective measures to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic. He appreciated the entire anti-COVID team in Sri Lanka for their tireless efforts to contain the spread of the pandemic in Sri Lanka.

The Ambassador assured that the Republic of Korea will stand in solidarity with Sri Lanka and work together to overcome this pandemic. The Ambassador further stated that he will develop a mutually beneficial dialogue between the Police authorities of the two countries to engage in sharing technical knowledge.

Receiving the donation, the Director of the Diplomatic Security Division, G. A. S. Piyarathna expressed his gratitude to the Korean Embassy and thanked the Ambassador for the gesture of goodwill as a support to the Sri Lanka Police Force.

The masks will be distributed among the police division in charge of diplomatic corps, women & child division of police, Ministerial Security Division and other police divisions.

He mentioned that it would be beneficial for the Sri Lanka Police to deepen the relationship with its counterpart in Korea in order to share valuable expertise in the field of security.

Previously under the ‘Stay Strong’ campaign, Korea and Sri Lanka have been strengthening Anti-COIVD collaboration with each other since last year. In November 2020, the government of the Republic of Korea donated COVID-19 Diagnostic Kits amounting to the sum of USD 300,000 to contain and control COVID-19.

The Korean Embassy in Sri Lanka has shown its thankfulness to the Sri Lanka Army and Police who have dedicated themselves to protect people in Sri Lanka including the Korean residents amid Covid-19, by donating re-usable fabric masks.

The Embassy provided masks to migrant workers who left for Korea as well.