Construction Expo 2021 to be held in July 9, 10 and 11


Our ancient forefathers were expert builders. Centuries later we still witness the formidable structures they built, motivated by an indomitable will to succeed as a nation. We have been dazzled by their colossal reservoirs, majestic citadels, magnificent temples and villages that resonate with the original blueprints of eco-friendly systems.

These monumental buildings also had incorporated security systems and an atmosphere conducive for a healthy lifestyle. Many of these historic sites are venerated for their holistic aura and engineering excellence within Asia. Thus the art of transforming raw material into carefully planned and beautiful buildings is deeply rooted in the national fabric of our resplendent motherland Sri Lanka. In making buildings we also sustain all citizens and build a secure future.

Construction Expo 2021 is the perfect platform where builders, architects, suppliers and customers can meet in an environment where everyone is guaranteed success. The mega exhibition is set to take place on July 9, 10, and 11, 2021 at the BMICH Colombo.

It is more than a conventional business exhibition. It is a venue where aspirations become a tangible reality. It is the venue where construction design and customers desire to meet in a blissful symphony that will produce positive results.

For the past 8 years the event has been organized by Lanka Exhibitions and Convention Services (LECS), an award winning company that has raised the bar every year in providing a more vibrant platform for all the stakeholders at the Construction Expo.

Those involved in this stellar exhibition include architects, engineers, landscaping designers, contractors and interior decorators.

The expo is open to service providers of the following roofing systems. Floor tiles, wall tiles, lights & fittings, sanitary ware, air conditioning, IT systems, safety & security systems, doors & windows, paints, solar & thermal products, heavy machinery and transportation and many more. These suppliers will be augmented with the presence of finance & banking professionals.

In these pandemic times, the organizers will take all necessary health precautions listed by the Ministry of Health in Sri Lanka. LECS will do its utmost to ensure the safety of exhibitors and visitors which is its number one priority.

LECS invites all key stakeholders from the building, architecture, construction & engineering industry and affiliated professionals to be part of this exhibition and understand the need and trending perceptions of the customers.

For more information visit or email: [email protected].