Public requested to be extra vigilant over snatching, burglary and theft


The Police yesterday, March 28, requested the public to be extra vigilant over snatching, burglary and theft during the Sinhala and Tamil New Year season.

Police spokesman, DIG Ajith Rohana said petty offences of the above nature have risen lately and that there is a tendency of such offences increasing during the New Year season.

He said that the Police have identified that drug dependents and organized gangs are involved in these types of offences.

He requested jewellery shop owners to be extra vigilant and have a contingency plan to confront such instances and have a police emergency number to dial immediately.

He said the thieves would most probably wear full face helmets to hide their identity.

He also said the Police have deployed mobile patrols to tighten security in the New Year season.

Moreover, the Police Spokesman also warned the public to take precautionary measures to prevent road accidents during the upcoming New Year season.

The DIG said 11 people died on Saturday due to motor traffic accidents. He urged drivers to desist from driving under the influence and to be cautious of road rules and safety of pedestrians when driving.

The Police Spokesman also requested the people to adhere to health guidelines during the season and to wear face masks all the time. He requested the shop owners to pay more attention in this regard. He added that about 3,400 people had been arrested since October 30, 2020 for violating quarantine regulations such as not wearing face masks and not maintaining social distancing.