Government’s best efforts to vaccinate above 30 for COVID-19


The government shall make its best effort to vaccinate all Sri Lankans above 30 against the COVID-19 virus by May 30, Power Minister, Dullas Alahapperuma said.

Minister Alahapperuma also said Sri Lanka has been fortunate to receive the second stock of COVID-19 vaccine which included 500,000 shots.

The Minister made these observations at the opening ceremony of the Matara Pitakanda carpet road.

Speaking further, Minister Alahapperuma noted, “At the moment everyone is forced to wear masks for the fear COVID-19 virus. The government has decided to vaccinate all citizens above 30 by May. 102 countries in the world have not received the COVID-19 vaccine still”.

“However, the fact that Sri Lanka now has the second stock of 500,000 vaccines is a great victory for all of us as a government,” the Minister also noted.