Three new oil refineries for Sri Lanka, states Ceylon Petroleum Corporation


Three new oil refineries are to be constructed in Sri Lanka, states the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC).

CPC Chairman, Sumith Wijesinghe said these three refineries will be constructed in Sapugaskanda – Colombo, Trincomalee and Hambantota.

The Sapugaskanda – Colombo refinery will cater to the needs of the country, Mr. Wijesinghe stated, while the other two refineries will be constructed adjacent to the Trincomalee and Hambantota Ports.

The refineries at the two ports will be constructed for refining fuel for re-export purposes, said the CPC Chairman adding that for such purpose, large scale infrastructure development will be required.

The CPC Chairman went on to note an agreement was reached with the ports for the use of 100 acres for the project as the first phase.