Piramal Glass Ceylon announces FY 21 – Q3 Results


Piramal Glass Ceylon PLC reported its nine-month results as at December 31, 2020, with a turnover of Rs. 5,961 Million & PAT of 694 Million as against Rs. 5,832 Million & Rs. 330 Million in the previous year during the similar period.

The Company reported a growth of 2% in revenue with 110% growth in PAT. The domestic sales during the period market grew by 6% from Rs. 3,982 Million to 4,176 Million whilst a marginal drop was seen in the export market from Rs. 1,850 Million in F20 to Rs. 1,785 Million in F21.

During the quarter (Q3) under review, a revenue of Rs. 2,401 Million was achieved as against Rs. 2,305 Million of the corresponding period during the previous year. The Company reported a profit after tax of Rs. 378 Million for the quarter as against Rs. 236 Million of the corresponding quarter in the previous year reflecting a growth of 60%.

The sales to the domestic market grew by 12% from Rs. 1,502 Million to Rs. 1,679 Million. In the export segment, the sales declined by 10% with Rs. 722 Million as against Rs. 803 Million in the corresponding period last year, mainly due to restricted vessel options to countries like Australia, USA & India. However, the Company is optimistic of recovering the deferred export sales in Q4 once the situation is normalized.

Explaining the company’s Export strategy, Executive Director & COO, Sanjay Jain said that as a part of their strategy, the Company continues to make inroads to new international markets with product launches.

This quarter witnessed new launches in Australia, India, Angola, U.K and Rwanda. The strategy to expand and innovate in new product development and increased global foot print has helped the Company to mitigate demand fluctuations in its existing markets due to the pandemic situation.

For the quarter under review the Gross Margin increased from 23% to 27% as compared with the similar period of the previous year, whilst for the period of nine months ended December 31, 2020 the Gross Profit Margin has increased from 20% to 22%.

Piramal Glass Private Limited, the controlling shareholder of the Company, entered into a Share Sale and Purchase Agreement dated December 10, 2020 for the sale of its entire shareholding in the Company to PGP Glass Private Limited.

PGP Glass Private Limited (formerly known as Pristine Glass Private Limited) is a private limited company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of India.

Piramal Glass Ceylon PLC:

Piramal Glass Ceylon (Formerly Ceylon Glass Company) is the only Glass Bottle Manufacturing plant in Sri Lanka. It had the opportunity of coming under the Umbrella of Piramal Group in 1999. Presently Located in Horana, it has been in existence for 65 years. The company originally at Rathmalana was relocated at Horana in 2007 as a BOI venture. PGC at its Manufacturing Facility has the capability to offer glass containers in different shapes and colours for multiple industries such as Food, Liquor, Pharmaceutical, Agro chemical & Soft drinks.

 Piramal Group:

The Piramal Group, led by Ajay G. Piramal, is one of India’s foremost business conglomerates. Driven by the core values of Knowledge Action Care & impact, the Piramal Group has a formidable presence in healthcare, drug discovery & research, glass, real estate and financial services. The Piramal Group also pursues sustained community activities in healthcare, education, emergency medical services, and heritage restoration.