Banded together only to protect Port’s ECT, states Workers’ Association


No force will be allowed to use the battle ground to protect the East Container Terminal of the Colombo Port to overthrow the Government, states Shamal Sumanarathna, Secretary, Ports Authority Progressive Workers’ Association for Commercial Industry and Services (PWACIS).

Mr. Sumanarathna made this observation at a special media briefing held in Dambulla on Friday.

He observed that none of the patriotic forces in the country want to overthrow the Government but help direct the Government on the right path.

He pointed out that the protest is an attempt to make the ‘Vision of Prosperity and Splendour’ a reality and that no organization would be allowed to play a double game by exploiting the movement to safeguard the Eastern jetty of the Colombo Port.

  1. P. Krishantha of the Ports Authority’s Engineering Division said that the Eastern Terminal should not be handed over to another country under any process.

Mr. Krishantha also said that the Eastern Terminal, which was set up using the technology of Sri Lankan engineers without consulting or obtaining advice from any other country, should not be given to any other country for development.

Mr. Sumanarathna also said, “We went to the Indian High Commission to submit a letter as professionals, but there was no one there to accept it. This is enough to understand India’s attitude. So how would they behave if the terminal is handed over? There are many forces who have expressed their dissatisfaction on this proposed move. We should bring all these forces together. We are not trying to overthrow the Government by uniting these forces. This is to help make the policies of this Government a reality. We would like to say to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa that we are doing nothing but protecting the country as you did. It is the policy of the Government to call for open tenders and place bids in the Port of Colombo. Our country is not a colony of India”.