SAKS assigned with CX Management of SL’s leading ride-sharing platform

SAKS Global team.

In a move to further enhance customer engagement, Sri Lanka’s leading on-demand mobility solutions provider has entrusted global business services titan, SAKS Global, with its Customer Experience Management (CEM). SAKS commenced contact centre operations utilising its advanced Customer Experience (CX) platform to equip the company with real-time data to help accurately align its business strategies and policies with customers’ needs.

In an age where customers are equipped with an ever-expanding network of channels to engage with brands, companies are in turn expected to enhance their digital infrastructure, improving services and support, to keep up with this fast-evolving user behaviour.

The ride hailing app has taken significant strides in the digital commerce arena by expanding its customer offering to include food, grocery, and gas delivery services among others. This has resulted in a notable increase in its client base and a proportionate demand to ensure the satisfaction of its consumers; all with the larger goal of affording the company a key point of differentiation to further cement its market standing.

The ride-sharing and delivery platform’s decision to partner with SAKS will enable the provider to alleviate the burden of costly in-house customer care as well as improve on its operational efficiency. Real-time updates of key metrics from all customer-facing touchpoints will enable the company to swiftly establish and integrate the behaviours and interests of its consumers.

Since its inception in 2015, SAKS founder, Jeevan Gnanam, has been committed to supporting its growing client list, minimise operating costs and improve customer service standards, freeing up resources that can instead be focused on core business operations.

With a reputation for creating enriched customer experiences and first-rate contact centre solutions for brands worldwide, SAKS integrates state-of-the-art CX technologies with experienced professionals to provide tailor-made solutions.

Led by seasoned CX specialist, Sehan Pathirana, the SAKS contact centre operates twenty-four hours a day, providing a diverse suite of contact centre services for a distinguished portfolio of clients in the telecom, insurance, banking, and logistics industries. Operating as an extension of a business, SAKS plays a key role in fortifying brand loyalty and promoting customer retention through continuous monitoring and measurement of customer satisfaction levels.

SAKS’ superior omni-channel customer experiences, supported by cutting-edge processes and systems, have proven to facilitate increased growth revenue and greater profitability.

“We are honoured and privileged to be serving one of the country’s leading start-ups. We look forward to helping the company achieve greater heights of customer satisfaction, loyalty, and even advocacy, through the high-calibre tailored content we are equipped to provide,” commented Rohith Pradeep, CEO of SAKS, on the partnership.

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