Rs. 650 billion allocated to develop rural villages, says Treasury Secretary

Treasury Secretary, S. R. Attygalle.

This year’s budget has allocated Rs. 650 billion for the benefit of around 19 million people while developing the rural areas, says Treasury Secretary, S. R. Attygalle.

The Secretary has pointed out that Rs. 1,000 billion has been allocated from the budget for government investments this year, and out of that 65-70 per cent has been allocated for rural development.

The proposals of the people presented during the ‘Conversations with the village’ program were formulated as budget policies and the President Gotabaya Rajapaksa created the Ministries and the State Ministries, and the activities of those policies were given to the new Ministries.

He also stated that the 2021 budget can be described as a document that puts into action the priority needs presented by the people of that village.

According to these budget proposals, the Ministry of Highways has allocated Rs. 20 billion for the complete rehabilitation of 1,000 bridges and 50,000 km of rural roads by 2021 and Rs. 9.298 billion has been allocated for the construction of 100,000 kms. of alternative access roads to main roads and expressways.