EU to provide EUR 3.5 million to boost Sri Lanka’s tourism sector


The European Union has decided to provide a grant of EUR 3.5 million to Sri Lanka to uplift the country’s tourism industry, which has been severely hit by the COVID-19 epidemic.

EU Ambassador to Sri Lanka and Maldives Denis Chaibi, has requested Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (STDA) to promptly provide the relevant proposals to the EU, during a meeting held between the European Union Ambassador and Prasanna Ranatunga, Minister of Industrial Export, Investment Promotion, Tourism and Aviation, on May 19.

The European Union Ambassador said that he commends the government’s efforts to control the COVID-19 epidemic in Sri Lanka and this decision was made in support of the Government’s initiative to boost tourism industry in the country which has been hit by the Corona epidemic.

Minister Prasanna Ranatunga on behalf of the government thanked the European Union for the grant and advised the Tourism Development Authority to submit the relevant proposals to the European Union promptly.