Limit guests at events to 25, says Health Ministry


Sri Lankan health authorities have instructed that the number of guests at weddings, funerals and parties should be limited to 25, among several guidelines to thwart the coronavirus.

“Whenever possible all planned events and gatherings must be avoided during this period,” the Health Ministry said in a document listing out operational guidelines for workplaces.

Guests must wear a face mask and maintain a distance of one metre, the ministry stressed, while also urging to avoid hugging and handshaking.

“It is recommended to check the temperature of all guests entering the reception or parlour,” the document read adding that venues should have adequate ventilation or should be outdoors.

Among other guidelines were that guests must avoid sharing utensils and that the venue including furniture must be disinfected before and after the event.

Sri Lanka, in which the coronavirus had started spreading since March 11, has begun relaxing restrictions in a bid to restore normalcy in the country.