Military brought in to beef up enforcement of Curfew


By Nalin Jayetileke

The Military was seen establishing roadblocks in various parts of Sri Lanka, specifically in the high risk area such as Colombo district this afternoon.

Four more COVID-19 patients were reported in Sri Lanka, bringing a total number of infected individuals to 110, the Ministry of Health says. Ensuring effective enforcement of the curfew which is imposed is of paramount importance in preventing the spread of this deadly virus.

At this point of time when we are at the most crucial time of the spread of the virus it is more than important that all citizens do their part to assist the government by staying indoors.  Therefore, getting the Tri forces involved to maintain strictest compliance of the curfew imposed can be seen as the need of the hour.  All Service Personnel in the military are taught a subject titled ‘Aid to Civil Power’ which deals with complex and normal situations of imposing curfew in the civil society especially during a time when there is no civil unrest.  Unlike during the war situations, imposing curfew in normal times is not an easy task on the law enforcement authorities because dealing with people during these times and situations that arise can be a daunting task.

We have so far handled the situation well and have been proactive in all fronts to a great extent . Governments can enforce all kinds of laws, but it’s the duty of the public to support proper enforcement of them. We would like to applaud the Health agencies, the Military, the Police, all Government entities and others for what they are doing with the limited resources available to stop spreading of this virus. Our gratitude to His Excellency the President Gotabaya Rajapaksa for mustering the resources and the command and control he has executed of the situation.