Masks still not strictly necessary, says Health authorities


Dr. Anil Jasinghe, Director General of Health Services tells police not to inconvenience ordinary citizens who are not wearing masks.

In a letter addressed to the Acting Inspector General of Police, he said, “Do not consider healthy, normal people not wearing masks as committing any wrong and do them any harm”.

Under a ministry letterhead, Dr. Jasinghe informed the police that masks should only be worn by the following individuals:

  1. Any COVID-19 suspected persons.
  2. Those who had come into contact with individuals who are suspected of having contracted COVID-19.
  3. COVID-19 caregivers.
  4. When someone with any respiratory illness is visiting a hospital.

The Ministry says it does not recommend the use of masks by everyone right now because:

  1. There is an increased risk for the virus to spread due to improper wear or handling.
  2. Chances for virus to spread due to improper disposal.
  3. It is better to save the mask you have for if and when it is declared essential.