Clarification from SriLankan Airlines on London-Colombo flight


SriLankan Airlines categorically refutes the contents of certain social media posts that are currently being circulated with regard to a flight operated from London to Colombo.

The Airline would like to emphasize that the posts that state the Airline had facilitated a VIP flight to bring down stranded siblings of VIPs, is completely untrue and misleading.

In view of ensuring utmost convenience and comfort of its valued passengers, irrespective of the prevailing circumstances, the Airline will be operating to London predominantly to facilitate the travel of tourists intending to return to the UK.

SriLankan Airlines kindly requests the general public not be deceived by such false news items and refrain from sharing or posting such contents generated through unofficial and unverified sources, especially at a time the country and the rest of the world are taking every effort to fight the COVID 19 pandemic.