Karu Jayasuriya wants Parliament re-summoned


Former Speaker Karu Jayasuriya has urged the government to call for an all party meeting or reconvene Parliament to obtain the ideas of all when Sri Lanka is facing a serious threat from coronavirus.

Issuing a press release he states that the existence of such a gathering is vital in determining the leave for government and private sector, closing of schools and other educational establishments and the continuation of essential services.

“Such groups are being used in other parts of the world with success. One needs the inputs of all stakeholders to make these decisions. Therefore I kindly urge the President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and the government to consider this proposal,” Mr. Jayasuriya said.

Coronavirus could have a serious impact on Sri Lanka and the virus can impact all Sri Lankans as it starts affecting economic activity.

“Even rich countries are struggling to deal with this and the impact of this will not only be immediate but also long standing. The country’s economy will be seriously affected and wages of all Sri Lankans will be affected. Especially those who make daily wages will face significant difficulties. Right now Sri Lankans need to act with unity, responsibility and intelligently while political leadership must take the correct decisions,” he also said.